Saturday, March 3, 2012

A New (Same) Kind (Type) of (Jesus) Christianity

I guess these would be my brief thoughts on some theological positions. These are subject to change.

  • I believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, and I think this can account for a lot more than traditionally held. Example: I think one can believe Genesis is metaphorical and still be a biblical inerrantist. 
  • I affirm the doctrine of the Trinity and the bodily resurrection. 
  • I believe that Jesus Christ provides the only way of salvation; therefore I would be an exclusivist. 
  • I hold to the classical view of the atonement (Christus Victor or Ransom), but I do not exclude other models. Although, if pressed, I would loosely hold to the Kaleidoscope model with CV being it's primary -- but not exclusive -- lens. 
  • I believe in the classical Arminian theological tradition, though I am not entirely convinced by all of it. I have lately begun to go back to the first centuries of the Christian church. St. Gregory of Nyssa is a very convincing fellow.
  • I do not affirm that those who reject Christ in this life will suffer eternal conscious torment. I believe they will ultimately cease to exist in their former state of sinfulness. 
  • I am on the fence between physicalism and dualism, meaning I'm not certain if humans have immortal immaterial souls. 
  • I wholeheartedly affirm women in ministry, and I (somewhat) lean against supporting gay marriage. I support gay rights in the sense of property and general human rights, but have not been convinced in regards to support gay marriage.
  • I am ambiguous in my thoughts on Genesis, though I (somewhat) lean towards a theistic evolution understanding. 
  • I believe in God's sovereignty and man's responsibility. 
  • I do not affirm original guilt, but I affirm a form of original sin.
  • I believe that social justice is an essential part of the gospel. 
  • I really dislike ducks. This is my most important point. 
  • I consider myself theologically progressive, though I would also call myself a conservative evangelical Christian in that I tend to be entirely orthodox in my thinking and prefer the label 'evangelical.' 
  • I still really dislike ducks. I'm not even certain if God created them. 
So, I think I have a very odd mixture of the early church fathers, the Eastern Orthodox church, and just a tad overflowing of cynicism tempered by post-conservative evangelicalism.

In short, just your average American individualistic individual attempting to be holistic.

God bless.



  1. See, I hate snakes. And I have not only Biblical backing, but Indiana Jonesical backing. And I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Jones is a typological expression of the second person of the Godhead.

    And ducks are monogamists, you bastard! How dare you profane their good reputation, their monogamists!!

    Did I mention they're monogamists! That's more than I can say for your precious snakes.
    Why don't you just marry them already, if you love them sooo much!

  2. God bless those that kill and eat ducks, for those who do not share in whacking day and the killing of the most foul of fowls shall not inherit eternal life.


  3. damn. "They're monogamists!!"