Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First World Problems; Starbucks & Gays

Starbucks has the right to do what they wish with their business. Provided Starbucks doesn't force it's employees into agreeing with things they don't believe in, I don't think there is an issue here. Christians have the right to not shop there. They have the right to find a politically neutral coffee bean and enjoy talking about atonement theory there. To stage a vocal protest makes Starbucks the "sympathetic" one, especially when the mainstream seems to lean towards them anyway.

On one level, the issue is freedom. However we define it, a business has some measure of freedom to choose what it decides to do in regards to social policy.

One a deeper level, I think it has to do with comfort. If a Christian, like myself, we're to go into Starbucks and be hit with pro-gay material, I'd be uncomfortable. But I would still buy my mocha blended coffee drink with whipped cream. But discomfort in a place does cause some people to react very strongly. Especially if they actually LIKE Starbucks. Now that some Christians aren't comfy in a place they were comfy, they are making waves.

One a deeper level as well, you have people's convictions in either way. I expect passion when convictions are challenged, but I'm surprised that people are shocked that a corporation doesn't really give a damn.

And Starbucks is probably enjoying the free controversy as well as more ardent support. I imagine Starbucks, as an evil corporate entity that feeds off helpings of baby seal, is fully appreciating the publicity some Christians are giving them.

One doesn't have to support gay marriage (I don't) to see how silly this entire thing is. It's almost a formula: support leftist cause, add an overdose of religious conviction, watch people get in bottle fights on the internet, sit back in a plush chair and watch the argument descend into absurdity while reaping benefits.

Shoot, if I didn't know any better, I'd say Starbucks planned this.

Hmmmm. . .


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  1. IT depresses me to know how annoyed people are getting over this. I'm not gonna force my views onto anyone, but people just need to relax. As this article said: you aren't being forced to shop their. If you truly have THAT much of an issue with a company supporting something that you don't support; SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE. Either don't give them your money or accept that someone feels differently than you.