Thursday, May 31, 2012

Becoming Mo(o)re, "Homosexuality, Irrationality & False Dialogue"

This isn't to say I agree with everything he's written, but Calvin is a great writer. I found this challenging.

He says:
Despite the clarity of Scripture on the matter of homosexuality—nowhere in the Old Testament or the New Testament is homosexuality not considered sinful—I have found myself talking about the issue more than I ever thought I would. In political, social, and religious spheres the topic of homosexuality has seemingly taken center stage. From the Queer Underground at Biola University to the President of the United States affirming his support of gay marriage to the state of North Carolina recently passing a constitutional ban on the institution, homosexuality seems to be everywhere.

My question is why? Why do we spend so much time on this issue? Many of my friends and acquaintances (and strangers citing why they’ve left the organized church) note that all sins are the same. We don’t get riled up over gluttony do we? Nope. In fact, the church potluck only serves to supplement a person’s need to engorge oneself. So, why then is homosexuality such a big issue?

First, Scripture speaks openly and frankly about the importance of sex. It lays out for us what is appropriate, the context in which it should happen, and shows the consequences of unbridled sexual desire. Accordingly, sex is such a powerful thing that it reaches down to a person’s very identity and personhood. All sins that we commit are outside of the body, except for sexual sins. Scripture differentiates not on the heinousness of the crime, but on the drastic cost of sexual impropriety. Whether pre-marital sex, extramarital sex, or homosexual sex, the Bible is clear.

But, another reason the church is focusing so much time on homosexuality is because it has been made into an issue for us. . .
For the rest, and it is worth your time, click HERE.



  1. i'm curios as to which points you disagree on with calvin?

    in any case, i'm sure you'd still find yourself more in agreement with him than any of the pro-homosexuality posts you've referenced before ;)

    i thoroughly enjoyed this. i think the book he references is also very similar to "the pink agenda" - which has unfortunately become less available due to the exact tactics that he describes...

    cheerz mate!

  2. non-metaphysical stephenJune 2, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    Minorities always have to force the conversation on the dominant group; otherwise, their issues never get addressed. Heck, the Bible shows us that God has force the conversation on the Hebrews every 30 years or so!