Monday, May 7, 2012

Theopologetics, "Theology Conference"

A good friend of mine passed this along. Sounds interesting. Fill out the survey and check it out. ;)

Perissos Resources along with are discussing co-hosting a large theology convention in Jacksonville, FL March 1-3, 2013. They want to center the event around 2 formally-formatted 3-hour debates on eschatology: one in which my friend Dee Dee Warren, host of The Preterist Podcast, will be defending preterism against a futurist by the name of Alan Kurschner, and a second in which I will be defending annihilationism against a traditionalist (we haven't yet identified an opponent, though a glimmer of interest was expressed by someone pretty big). The conference would also feature a benefit banquet with a well-known keynote speaker, as well as other speakers and panels, worship services, ministry presentations and the sort.
The primary objective of Perissos and TheologyWeb is to bring glory to God and see His kingdom advance. To that end, they want minister to the public with these programs as well as financially benefit the two ministries that will dedicate the next year of their lives to bring this event to fruition. The first step in this process is to test the market. The input of the public at this crucial phase of their planning can make all the difference in whether or not this exciting event becomes a reality.
Clearly, this is a large endeavor. It will require a budget, sponsors, and, most importantly, sufficient interest to justify putting such an event together. Perissos and TheologyWeb think this could have great ministry value and community impact, but they'd like to know what people think. They've put together a brief survey people can complete that will help them measure interest. They have a blog post about it here, and the survey is available here.
If Perissos doesn't get a total of 250 responses in the 2 weeks since the aforementioned blog post (which was 4 days ago), the project may never see the light of day. As of earlier today, they have 68 responses out of the desired 250, leaving 182 to gather in the next 10 days. It's a very encouraging start, but they've a ways to go.
Would you consider writing a post about this at your blog, including a link to the survey and/or the blog post at Perissos Resources? If not, I won't be hurt or anything, don't worry, but your help would be greatly appreciated!


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