Saturday, May 26, 2012

Would I Date a Democrat?

I don't generally self-identify as a (Fiscal) Republican, so I was amused when a friend asked me if I would date a  Democrat. this came up during a conversation about him breaking up with his lady and then to politics. Guys tend to topic shift quite quickly when break ups are present.

I'm not certain where my friend lands politically, so I found the question amusing. He had talked to me about religion in the past, so I assume that he assumed (correctly) that I lean towards the white elephant in the back room.

After thinking about it, I said it would depend on the person.

He was confused, and asked for clarification.

I said I wouldn't date most Republican women I know, but that had little to do with their political persuasion. As for dating a Democrat, it would depend fully on her as a person.

Is she open to being wrong, as I try to be open?

But, my friend told me to answer the expletive question, so I did.

I told him yes.

He then asked me if she hated Republicans, would I still date her.

I said that if she hated Republicans, I would react in the same way if she said she hated Blue Clues. Means very little to me. Now, if she hated Rocko's Modern Life, that might be a deal-breaker.

All that matters is if she is open to always pursuing the truth.

And if she's hot. That's kinda important.


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  1. One of my mentors is as liberal as they come, solidly in the Democrat camp. His wife of almost 50 years is about as conservatively Republican as you can get, so it can work!

    Of course, he's told me that if they discuss politics they end up not speaking for a few days...