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The Egalitarian/Complemenetarian Divide (Part VI)


Operating on the assumption that Egalitarians and Complemenatrians, as committed Evangelicals, accept the same overall hermeneutical principles with different applications, has enabled a closer look into their different shaping principles that are a result of their interpretations of specific texts. This paper aimed to identify those shaping principles and influences and it was discovered that where they diverge is the added principle of ontological gender subordination (whether explicitly stated as such, or as a consequence of believing the “created order” sets a normative pattern describing a woman’s nature as subordinate). This acceptance or rejection of the clarification of the principle of equality, along with the unique way culture colors our perception, influences how the debate has been conducted and often inadvertently distorts how those with a different shaping principle are perceived. It is my hope that the approach from the vantage point of this paper enables Evangelicals of different convictions to understand the overall debate more clearly as they attempt to honor God and His Word in their interpretations.


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