Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Free Will in Heaven?"

Richard Coords:
Due to the contradictory and confusing nature of Calvinism, Calvinists often struggle to articulate their own arguments. So Arminians with whom they are in dialogue, are often found having to first unscramble their own logic puzzles, in order to provide an answer. 

One such Calvinist logic puzzle is the following: "In Heaven, we will not be able to sin, and yet we will be free, which proves the doctrine of Compatibilism, in that God can irresistibly determine our actions, while yet we remain free in what we choose."

As a response to what kind of free will that we will possess in Heaven, I personally think that we will have a full, free range of libertarian free will in Heaven, but that there is an added dynamic that is overlooked, because our sin nature is the only nature that we presently know. And so we perceive a future through that lens alone. 
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  1. I believe it was Jonathan Edwards who said something to the effect that the will is just an extension of the nature. Mr. Coords only serves to argue that point, which is unwittingly a Calvinist one, by saying that in Heaven we'll have a different nature, and thus make choices in line with that nature. Well, Mr. Coords, down here we have a depraved nature, and apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, we will always use our wills to refuse God and choose destruction. "...our sin nature is the only nature that we presently know." Indeed, Mr. Coords, indeed.

  2. Good heavens, that first paragraph is just silly. And I am utterly unable to understand how the second paragraph poses any kind of problem or "logic puzzle" for Calvinism.

    Matthew (Jess' fiance)