Friday, September 28, 2012

Why do you pray?

There are many things I don't enjoy praying about. When I do pray, it is often in anger.

God, why?

I never expect an answer. I always feel it is dishonest to expect my heart to begin talking. However, an existential experience can be answered in a million different ways.

For me, solidarity with another human is often what does it. Talking about fears and anger and doubts with my girlfriend, or my friends Chance, Aaron, Graham and David.

God may speak in silences, as said St John of the Cross. Sure. But intimate fear responds to the ones He often sends. The wind, the living creation, a random example of my car jumping on my lap and purring.

Maybe God just gives us the courage to speak our fears out loud. An maybe someone being there to help is a humble example of the way He works.

Just maybe.



  1. Prayer is indeed one of the most difficult things to do. Most of my prayer is thanksgiving and worship. I don't ask very much. I figure that God already knows what I need and will supply it even if I fail to pray for it. I like how Paul says we don't how to pray. This is very true