Friday, October 5, 2012

Scented Candles, Therapeutic e-books & A Double of an IPA

This is a bit more of a journal entry than a beer/writing review.

Allow me to paint with words for a bit.

I've just showered. I've got two fans on, one in the window blowing in, and the other blowing on me. The air is cold. I've poured a 22 of Firestone's DIPA, turned on Spotify to play Trans-Siberian Orchestra and am now finally sitting down after a 12 hour work day.

The beer is rich, malty and contains so much sappy grapefruit and citrus that I'm completely conflicted about whether this may be my favorite DIPA. It just might. The cold air is crisp and clean, having arrived from the apfici ocean just two miles to the right of my bedroom window, and completely mingles with the beer. So good. The mug is covered in frost and the candles are giving off wafts of cinnamon and winter.

It's going to be a good night.

And I'm trying to write.

I have been writing a story for over a decade. It's (kinda) true and deals with a three year period in my life where I was a movie theater employee during a transitional stage in the movie theater business. Religious puberty meets movie theater corporate gang bang, so to speak.

And finally, I've decided to begin writing this series in e-book format, for kindle and amazon. I don't care much if people buy it or even read it, but it's been a decade long struggle to formulate and systematize it, and now I have an outlet.


Oh good lord that's perfect.


I have the fortunate companionship of having several editors at my disposal, and three years of everything that makes for a good story:

Religion. Politics. Sex. Drugs. Naughty words. Death. The Afterlife. Ayn Rand. And lots of burnt stale popcorn. I would say more but this beet is doing it for me.


Heh. Moving on.

At the heart of the story is the dealing with what takes all of us by the heart and twists: the fear of death. At what mostly describes this generation is the drive for experience and the longing to do things 'before we die.' So this series will explore that as a foundation for social critique and satire.

It's also cheaper to write this out than it is to go to a therapist. 

So, I'm working on that. And a million other stories. But this one should hopefully be coming out during the next year. I'm shooting for a release date on amazon kindle by the new year.

If you are at all interested in this little project, do me a favor and tweet this post. That would be cool. 

Oh. Nice.

Twisted Sister's Christmas album just came on. Mommy kissing Santa. Sounds like a treat.

Anyway. Have a great night.


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