Monday, November 5, 2012

Inebriated Musings before Election Day, Or Why Idiocracy is a Possible Reality

What happens in 48 hours? I'm hoping planet earth still exists.

As I was driving home and listening to talk radio, I instantly realized why I stopped: everything that happens counter to a preconceived ideal of how the world should operate results in hysteria.

Universal healthcare, the world is on fire.

A casual glance at facebook reveals memes and idiotic pictures about "Elect Barack Obama, Sincerely the world." Coupled with pithy quotes designed to denigrate an opponent in 15 second bite size chunks, entirely intended to make you laugh and instantly look down at the opposing view.

What substance is there really? Everyone calls Mitt Romney a "lying sack of shit" and when I asked, all I got was something akin to proof texting Jon Stewart. Or, on the flip side of that, folks claiming Barack Obama feels "entitled" to be president, whatever that truly means.

Frankly, I plan on voting but I'm tired. Truly tired. Listening to the debates and reading my twitter feed can result in a severe case of head achery. Politicians know their plans are too complex for your average caterpillar, and so they *have* to dumb it down. Calling out Paul Ryan in the debate about "not answering the question" misses the point in that he really *can't* answer the question. This also includes Uncle Joe.

The current state of affairs requires a dumbing down of complex and obtuse political schemes and schisms in order to placate the ego and nether regions of the voter. Idiocracy never looked for fearsome or looming.

So what do we do? Play in the mud? Batten the hatches? Turn off the tv? Jump kick the microwave?

Who knows.

American individualism versus a corporate national body equals a bastardized blob of three legs, seven arms, two heads and a mouth like Gilbert Gottfried.

I say vote. Why not. You are already going to be paying for it anyway.


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