Friday, November 9, 2012

Writing as Therapy

For some, they write because it brings them great job. For others like myself, I write because I can't afford therapy.


Its a quip that manages to get a few people to chuckle, but the odd truth is that without writing, I would probably be far more screwed up than I am currently. In my life, I tend to have a metal block when it comes to processing stressful or life changing situations. More often than not, I end up even more stressed because I quite frankly don't know how to approach the situation.

When something bothers me theologically or philosophically, I tend to call up my girlfriend and vent for about 20 minutes. It usually helps, but there is something to said for channeling intense feelings and experiences into something that someone else can fully understand.

Narrative has a way of bringing out the best and worst of our minds for someone else to understand and grapple along with us. It is not only therapeutic, it's also much cheaper than visiting Dr. Melfi. 

On my part, dealing with tough personal issues is often manifested in characters that simply speak my thoughts. In some odd way, it is a form of journaling, except I hope to sell my journals, have them remade into something not really worth anyone's time and completely weep into my $5,000 throw rug.

Or, just continue writing so the mental rust doesn't rupture a sprocket or something.


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