Friday, December 7, 2012

Hopped and Bothered; Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist

Epic -- Big Bad Baptist 2012 #8
Alcohol content 11.8%. The pour is thick and calm. A mocha covered head that quickly gives way to outer darkness. The scent is pure espresso with a tad hint of hops. Very decadent. The first sip is total depravity, giving way to sugary cocoa nibs as promised, with an overflowing of the Holy Trinity of bourbon, smoke and toffee, giving way towards a kiss of sacrilege.

Over time, the flavor begins to shift more towards a creamy chocolate after taste, leaving the bourbon as a mutual relationship filled with wonder Galatians 3:28 style. There is neither hops or malt in Epic Brewings' masterpiece. The best way I can describe it is imagine eating a dark chocolate covered coffee bean, save that the coffee bean is freshly picked and the chocolate is smoothed with vanilla.

This one gives Ballast Point's Victory at Sea a run for it's money.

I pour this in solidarity with KJ, Beef Stew and Flow. Baptists forever.

Buy if: you simply want to try the best beer I've had since VaS.

Overall: simply perfection. Justification by Faith in a bottle.

5 out of 5.



  1. this must be the funniest beer review ever in the world's sinful existence

    but the name of the beer is truly terrible! bad marketing. cant decide if the company will liquidize due to lack of market penetration, or if sinners will buy it to have their own laugh at it.

    but i seriously laughed at it. thanks for this one!

  2. now the only thing the label requires is to replace the face on it, with a mugshot of spurgeon!

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