Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pulse Intrology

It doesn't take much to realize that lines are being drawn and rhetoric has been microwaved to the point of bubbling the plastic. In my experience, such things lead to more unwarranted heat than illumination. So, in my hubris, I asked several friends to contribute to a moving dialogue, shaped by our culture.

The goal is -- frankly -- to illuminate. My original title of this series was "Illuminate" but I didn't want to put off any rappers. Therefore, since this is my generation's attempt at opening Pandora's theological box, I decided Pulse was a more appropriate title. Putting our fingers on what culture says, where the church is going and what is left to us to do.

I will post an essay roughly each week, depending on when they are submitted. The topics will range from homosexuality to how we view the Bible. I've hopefully grabbed enough diverse individuals to more than compensate for varying voices and movements.

For the sake of exonerating myself from any criticism, the opinions expressed on these blog posts may or may not by supported by myself. There. Hands clean.

Look forward to our dialogue.


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