Sunday, May 12, 2013

She Said Yes.

Friday night, May 2013, I proposed to my girlfriend.

Its actually a four year story. It involves a swing set, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, chance, fate, predestination and yet another swing set.

Allison and I first met at Biola during her last semester, and we decided to give this entire relationship thing a try. Neither of us have any past real relationships, so this was all just a first. We paired off during the Summer and kept our relationship going through almost four years of near constant separation. I won't lie and say it was easy, because it surely wasn't. After what she had to go through with Westminster, it became a struggle to keep our relationship from dissolving.

But, we had many wonderful memories on that swing in the front of my house. We first watched Sunshine there. We had our first kiss there, and I think I even gave Allison her first foot rub there.

So that's the story behind the swing set.

So. Fast forward. Allison finished her MDiv from Trinity, and I got accepted to Fuller Theological Seminary. She is prepping to go to China for two weeks with her grandmother.

And I decided to do something either very stupid or very smart. Being sick and extremely tired, I cannot recall everything. But I knew what I was going to do.

I decided to propose.

Originally, I wrote an entire feature screenplay for my senior thesis at Biola (well, I wrote two; decided to write another one that I liked). I decided to write something specifically for her (science-fiction, philosophy, female action star) and that was the goal. My plan was to get her to read it, cut off the ending and replace it with a piece of paper that just read:

Will you marry me?

But Allison said she hadn't read it in time, so I had to do something drastic.

Had to do something different. With only an evening to do it.

I tagged Noel in this endeavor, and like a champ she decided to snap pictures and set up the memorable swing.

Allison's personality is very goal-oriented, and I decided to take full advantage with this. I dressed up a bit (not necessarily a first) and packed up everything and decided to propose that evening. I took an alternate route and just talked with Allison. She didn't suspect anything until we pulled into Olive Garden. Happily, we sat down to dinner. It went nicely.

Then Noel texted me and said she was going to be late. Thinking quickly, I stopped off to get gas and took Allison shopping for her trip. This is not to say that I wasn't going to shop, but they were great diversionary tactics if I do say so myself.

So, finally, I get the affirmed text and took Allison home. Mind you, I didn't have a set plan to propose, but I knew I was going to. We pulled up and I finally pointed out to Allison the candles around the swing.


She was so stoked, she spent so much time looking at the roses and candles that when she turned, it took her a second to realize I had the ring out.

That one second of WTF was worth every second we had to wait to get to this moment.

While her back was turned, I decided it was perfect. Every little instant and sequence gave to this. Her surprise at the candles, the roses, the night out, everything.

With that, she laughed and said yes, trying to cover it up with a "Let me think about it." Then my sister came out, we took pictures and my family enjoyed popping poppers all over the damn place.

Home run.

It was a wondrous thing that happened.

And she said yes.