Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top 5 Most Mis-Interpreted Bible Verses

Brian Orme wrote a nice piece on what he considers the most abused/misinterpreted/misunderstood verses in the entire Bible. A few of them I found compelling, the others not so much. But the piece is well worth your reading.

The Bible is a sharp, double-edged sword — able to piece the heart. However, when portions of the Bible are used in the wrong context, it’s like trying to fight with the butt of the weapon instead of the blade. It’s just not effective.

Over my years in ministry and as an ongoing student of the Bible, I’ve come across many biblical misquotes, misunderstandings and flat-out misuses.

However, if I’m honest, many of these have come from my own lips. I confess: I’ve been guilty of abusing passages, ignoring context and, even at times, stretching the meaning for my own teaching needs, but I’m seeking to reform my loose ways in favor of something much more beneficial — the original interpretation.
His verses are Phil 4:13; Jer 29:11; Matt 18:20; Rom 8:28; and Prov 29:18.

My verses are likely similar, and I list them below. If you are curious as to why I suggest these, just ask.

Matthew 25:46. Genesis 1:1 (well, both creation accounts, but okay). 1 Timothy 2:12. Proverbs 26:4. Colossians 1:20.



  1. Genesis 1:1??? Why is that on your list? I didn't peg you as a theistic evolutionist type...

    This is a great topic! I'd love to hear you expound on some of these.

    Another interesting topic along the same lines would be top 5 mis-interpreted theolgical topics - (so I know women's roles would definitely be on your list).


    1. Hey Eric.

      I'm undecided on the issue of TE. I personally have no problem with the concept.

      LOL. I like the idea of Top 5 misunderstood theological topics. And yes, the place of women in church leadership is one that I certainly could type for hours on. Any specific topic you want to hear me prattle on about?

      Sorry about taking so long in responding. I'm getting married. :)