Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Vocation of Love, and Other Facets of Americanism


What does it mean that God has a plan for your life and will work everything out? These axioms are often told in situations where a young person is aspiring to live out a dream (perhaps to be a pastor or scientist), to young school children being encouraged to figure out what their gifts and talents are or to comfort someone grieving–Don’t worry, God will provide. Don’t worry God has a plan for this. Don’t worry God will work everything out.

How many young people in today’s economy are hearing phrases akin to these?

Without meaning to, many of us have made the idea that God has a wonderful plan for our lives and that God will work everything out for good into a materialistic fantasy. Does God promise that we will succeed in life? That we won’t starve to death (like many Christians around the world)? That we won’t experience a life shattering trauma? Does God promise our most dear of dreams will come true (often this is couched in the rhetoric of “calling”)?

Personally, I am never comforted by the “axioms.” My background probably has a something to do with it. While many people around me are confident that I will attain my PhD, pastor a church (not that I have plans) and be a brilliant professor/writer or work at CBE all because God will work it out for me–I am not so confident. Could all happen, but not likely for my age demographic (are 50% of our demographic still unemployed? Not counting all those working at McDonalds type places). Of course, when I think about what Christians around the world face every day–I am even less confident.

Well, if God has a plan, He will have a way…

For the rest, enjoy it here.


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