Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hermeneutics: "Slave & Women"

My lady wrote this. Check it out. ;)

"Different Interpretive Methods within the Evangelical Egalitarian Camp 
I’ve made a lot of progress finding the points that are guiding the differing interpretations of the gender debate. My understanding that there are two different interpretive methods being used in the Egalitarian camp was confirmed by Douglas Walker in a TEDS dissertation I recently read. In my own words, they are: 1) Those who say the text actually means something different than what the hierarchalists think it means and 2) those who believe Paul’s words are more culturally confined (because they believe the text warrants this?). I would definitely fall into the first camp even though I acknowledge those coming from the second perspective sometimes make valid points. I would side with Schreiner in saying that everything necessary for faith and practice can be found in the Scriptures and has its ultimate expression in the NT (I include useful principles here)."

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