Here is everything! I can't get it onto iTunes but I can list everything here. Every episode I upload to archives I will just post here. Thanks again for clicking.

Here is an introductory blog post: Critical and Creedal.


S1-EP1: An Epistolary Frame of Reference.
An introduction to myself and the podcast. Welcome!
S1-EP2: Husband and Wife.
My wife and I talk about marriage, dating long distance, and mutual submission within our relationship. Oh. We also talk about why I took her last name when we were wed.
S1-EP3: Evangelicalism and the Magisterium.
Fellow Fuller Theological Seminary student (and friend), Jarrod and I talk about evangelicalism, theology and Bebbington's Quadrilateral. Mostly to configure what - or who - is an evangelical. 
S1-EP4: Inerrancy, Inspiration and Authority.
This time on the Split Frame of Reference Podcast, Jarrod (from episode three), myself and newcomer Garrett Sandeen (a fellow Fuller student and nerd) talk about Scripture, inerrancy and authority.
S1-EP5: Did Paul Write Ephesians?

          In this episode, I talk about some of the major issues concerning Pauline authorship
          relating to Ephesians. I also briefly discuss some interpretive and current concerns
          about the authority of Scripture as it relates to the question of authorship.