Sunday, December 28, 2014

Critical and Creedal: Podcast Details and the Learning Curve

Well, I have the intro music from Glenn, and have recorded enough material for the first episode. I want to thank the seven of you who expressed interest in listening to the podcast so I want to offer some insider details about how this podcast will go. Insofar as one can know how it will go. I'm pretty new to this whole podcasting thing so any ideas will be welcome.

First, it looks like the episodes will be around 20-25 minutes. If there are any guests, it may go longer and would thus be split into at least two episodes. I love some 3 hour long podcasts but it can get pretty pretty pretty repetitive.

Second, you will not agree with everything I say. And that's fine. I do not expect every one to agree with me. Just be cool about it. Hit me up on twitter if you have grievances or condolences or bemused admiration.

Third, the podcast structure will be a bit more scattered because I tend to like a lot of things. For instance, having my sister on to talk about the new Hobbit movie could take up an entire episode. Then the next episode could cover some text critical issues. Then the next episode could be all about hip-hop with James. So expect the unexpected, I guess.

Fourth, thanks in advance for listening. My goal is to put up at least 2-3 episodes a month. I'd LOVE to do an episode every week but I doubt that is doable when working full-time and being in seminary part-time and being married full-full-time. So I think 2-3 episodes a month may work. I could also maybe do some shorter episodes (5-10 min) about some various topics but that's a whole other ballgame. I'm thinking I may release the episodes on Sunday so people have something to listen to on Monday morning. If they will listen anyway.

Fifth, thanks again. I'll likely be more involved in twitter about the podcast, as facebook is a bit of a pain to navigate sometimes. Plus, limiting everything to 140 characters means one is at least in principle less likely to email a term paper to me about how terrible or destructive I am.

Sixth, leaving now. Bye bye.


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