Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hopped and Bothered; Avery's The Reverend

Avery -- The Reverend

Alcohol content 10%. Copper coloring. Molasses. Dark fruit. Pours in a thick head. Silky aftertaste, coating throat and teeth. No bitterness. Bready nose. Hides the high alcohol content very well. Cinnamon in the throat. Pine and oak. Pure Belgium. Toffee and a mild roast lingers. A strong aroma of biscuits and raisins echoes the warmth on the nose. Dried peaches and almonds.

Buy if: you want to try a strong Belgium quad. The spice of Belgium and the sweetness of Bocks works wonders.

Overall verdict: A syrupy, sugary cavalcade of spices and lingering sweetness. It is strong on the sweet, and long on the linger. A more spice-centered doppelbock.

4 out of 5.


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