Monday, March 26, 2012

ThinkChristian, "The Curious Evangelical Silence over Trayvon Martin"

A very interesting question, and in the comments section C E'Jon Moore (my boss over at The Christian Manifesto) offers a great critique and some questions as well. A wise dude and a decent article over a disturbing situation.

According to ThinkChristian:

What is a young black man’s life worth in the United States of America? In 2012? 
These are the questions that continue to haunt me as I lament the killing of Trayvon Martin. On Feb. 26, the 17-year-old was walking from a convenience store to the Sanford, Fla., home he was visiting when he met up with 28-year-old “neighborhood watch captain” George Zimmerman. According to media accounts and Sanford police officials, Zimmerman, who is Hispanic and white, admitted that he shot and killed Martin, who is black. The Sanford police made no arrests. They allowed Zimmerman to walk away following his claim of self defense. 

For more and to read Moore's comment/questions, ThinkChristian


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