Monday, April 30, 2012

Drive, a brief review

I have mixed feelings about Drive. It's been a few months since I've seen it and honestly, I don't remember much of anything except the final shot. That's only because it was the most interesting part of the film for me. I'll lay out seven points in regards to my final thoughts:

1) The action scenes are interesting, but not tense or particularly memorable. I remember the hammer scene only because it was featured prominently in the trailer.

2) The style was definitely rockin', but the film seems more interested in creating a mood instead of interesting characters. Silence in regards to actors standing around doesn't build anything except, well, silence.

3) The brief car chase in Drive was indeed pretty badass. Refn's technique is incredible in this sequence.

4) The chemistry between Mulligan and Gosling felt forced. For man capable of great violence, his shift in tone is jarring and seems unwarranted. We're given reasons to care, but no implementation.

5) Albert Brooks exhibits a profoundly radical shift in acting persona, and steals the show. Ron Perlman has a nice little nasty turn. Brian Cranston is nice as a ferret-like agent.

6) All of the supporting characters are more interesting than the two leads.

7) The climax is patently unsatisfying. I do not expect an epic showdown, but the methods used to showcase the fight were confusing and -- frankly -- uninteresting. However, the final shot leaves the film open and provided a rush of emotion.

3 stars out of 5.


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