Monday, April 30, 2012

Hopped and Bothered; Landshark Lager

Margaritaville -- Landshark Lager
Alcohol content 4.7%. No alcohol taste. No flavor on the nose. A hint of cane. Possibly sweet corn. Thin and dissipating head. A slightly sweet beginning taste. Corn is a tad light. No bitterness on the end. Very crisp finish, lacking any true taste. I squeezed a lime into it. Helped a little. Nicely carbonated. Doesn't leave any aftertaste. I will grant that it is refreshing, but I prefer a beer with flavor. 

Buy if: it's very hot out and you can't find a Pacifico. Or anything good. 

Overall verdict: A mild and mediocre summer brew that is fleeting and depressing in a lackluster Summer way. School is around the corner and there is nothing else to grab, check again. Then grab this.

2.25 out of 5. 



  1. The only thing I like about Landshark is it's bottlecap. Have you tried Redhook ESB? My fav. Best with a package of Pez.

  2. The bottle itself has a nice design. The best part of it. ;)