Friday, April 13, 2012

Jurgen Moltmann Quote, "The Crucified God pg.xii"

"The translation of The Crucified God into many languages brought me into the community of many struggling and suffering brothers and sisters. The book was read in Korean and South African prisons. People working in slums and hospitals wrote to me, as well as people who were themselves suffering under 'the dark night of the soul.' I came into contact with Catholic orders vowed to poverty and the mysticism of the cross, and with Mennonite congregations who are following the path of Jesus. I need not tell it all. What I should like to say is this: even more than Theology of Hope, this book brought me into a great company. I believe it is the company of people under the cross. Beneath the cross the boundaries of denominations and cultures collapse. The community of the sufferers and the seekers is an open, inviting community. 
It is about this community that I am thinking, now that this book appears again, for it is there that I am home."
--Jurgen Moltmann, "The Crucified God", preface xii.

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