Sunday, April 29, 2012

Right-Wing Cafeteria?

I looked at this photo for five minutes, and it took me a while to consider my choice of words. I guess there are several points:

1) I can name approximately three people off the top of my head that actually believe this. I guess those three people are pretty loud to justify this type of photo.

2) For all it's bluster, the entire photo is legislating in intolerant and simplistic rhetoric. I expect tolerance of other views coming from the Left. It sounds like Michael Savage has left a large carbon footprint on this photo.

3) I'm frankly sick of this type of dialogue, because there isn't any. The photo is not offering a rational critique, it is beating the stuffing out of a scarecrow and declaring a unanimous victory.

4) Granted, some folks actually believe in the stereotypes put forth in this photo. That's nothing really, as we can trace this type of thinking back to Fred Phelps, and well . . . he's a democrat.

5) This photo epitomizes why many conservative Christians ignore liberal Christians, and visa versa. Its very easy to stand on the shoulders of those you don't respect, but I think it takes true courage to actually listen.

In short: stupid photo, unrealistic rhetoric drenched in a side of hypocrisy. And, for the vinyl, I don't consider myself politically conservative. Fnarr fnarr.



  1. My reaction exactly. We need more honest conversation and critique no "beating the stuffing out of a scarecrow."

    Even though it is an unfair caricature, I too know several people that eat from this menu.

    1. Welcome.

      Thanks for your thoughts. I will be the first to admit that sounding off is pretty awesome, but usually that's best done in the safety of one's own room. Or on the phone at church. Only happened once. ;)

      Again, welcome. :)