Monday, April 16, 2012

ScriptShadow; Productivity of Writing with a Deadline

Recently, Carson over at ScriptShadow put on a pitch contest on twitter, where with 134 characters, aspiring writers had a chance to pitch their logline. Ours is number 78 on the link above. As you can see, we barely made it in. But we did. After getting a lot of feedback from other writers in the industry (thanks to those who gave us a fair reading), we trimmed scenes and even added a little bit to get us at the ten page submission mark.

Now the worst part of writing comes: waiting for the hammer of doom or the wand of liberation.

What this taught me:

1) Communication. Kris (my partner in crime on this excursion) and I essentially were roommates, dealing with each other's opinions. Not in the sense of who takes out the trash or left the seat down, but who gets the final say in the "finished" product.

In a sense, we acted in a completely egalitarian way, deferring to whomever had the better reasons for putting/removing something from the script. This taught compromise.

2) Humor. Realizing that what I find funny isn't always funny. Being open to other forms of humor and pathos was somewhat liberating.

3) Studios. Keeping the studios and various hurdles in mind as we wrote. Do we go the R-rated route or keep a PG-13 rating in mind? We ultimately decided to go for broke, but it was a great discussion in figuring it out.

Overall, a great experience. Now we wait for Carson's confirmation to the staff of liberation.


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