Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alvin Plantinga & "Hopeful" Universalism?

Comments about hell (transcripted in a hurry so I apologize for errors):

"Like any Christian, there is therefore an afterlife, that his afterlife goes on indefinitely. Christians sort of, traditionally, classically, think there are these two states after death. There is heaven and there is hell, and the people who are chosen by God or have faith in God or accept what God requires them to, they wind up in heaven, other wind up in hell. I'm not so sure the Bible actually teaches that. There are lots of passages in the Bible that suggest that everybody winds up in heaven. So St. Paul says something like 'as through one man sin entered the world, so through one man shall all be saved. As the one man all sinned, so through the one man all shall be saved. It is the same word, same greek word in those two occurrences that suggest that everybody will be saved. Maybe people get second chances, third chances, after death, fourth chances, extra chances…(he quotes CS Lewis's The Great Divorce about posthumous chances). 

That's called universalism. And I don't myself quite believe it, but I don't disbelieve it either. I think it's something that a Christian should at least hope for."  

--Alvin Plantinga.

The video is great. 2:10-4:45. Click below. 

I did not know one of my favorite philosophers thought this. Very interesting.



  1. That's old news on the EU forum ;-P although admittedly I only found out via Robin!

  2. the video is private. Cannot view it.