Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Meta-Celestial" Trilogy, some brief opening thoughts

Usually, I don't outline. This is a very bad habit for a writer. I remember times where I didn't need to outline a feature at all, relying solely on the over the shoulder approach to writer: throw my protagonist into the fire and just follow him.

Like The Wrestler, so to speak.

Well, that doesn't work too well if one is writing science fiction. Or a trilogy. Or considering about how to implement a detailed (and untested) method of theological narrative. For the trilogy, I'm calling it the "Meta-Celestial" Trilogy. In writing this trilogy, I will be exploring how a view that affects all creatures (human, humanoid, robotic, alien, etc) within a narrative can be cohesively resolved.

The idea of rebirth being applied to all intelligent life forms within the context of an expanding universe strikes me as something that hasn't been done before. Or, if it is has been done, I'm ignorant of the existence of it. Which helps nicely.

Back to outlining.

I generally write character bios and let that be my outline, writing around the character's experience and emotions and the like. I think that implementing that into a detailed outline about plot points and cool ideas for sequences (involving zero point and battle suits and space ships) could very well help ease some of the tension within my writing process.

More to come as I explore these thoughts.


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