Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Topics Should I Blog about?

Music, specifically hip-hop?



Ducks, and why they are evil?

Or something else?

Give me some thoughts.



  1. Hip-hop.

    I'd also love some posts about movies, though mostly because I don't really know as much about it as you do. Honestly, if you did a series of your ten essential films for people to watch (or perhaps ten essential films for Christians to watch?), with a blog post for each, that'd be awesome. Do one a week, and I'd do my best to watch each one, as it was blogged about.

    If you can convince me that ducks are evil, and now just fowl, I'd be impressed. ;)

  2. You should know I created a blog just to comment on this. But I think I will start blogging again (more effectively this time) :)

    I'm a huge film buff so movies are good. (I agree that Avengers was badass) Television can be interesting too, its a great place for a ton of social commentary, and a good subject to discuss is how Christians are portrayed in media.

    What about questions of where faith intersects with science? You know, for science.

    A "Books to Read" column would be good as well. I love reading. :)

    I don't think ducks are evil, but dolphins are definitely the devil. Look it up, I'm serious!

  3. All of the above.

    Plus (selfishly) more about your thoughts on writing/screenwriting.