Friday, June 8, 2012

Tony Jones, "A Better Atonement" Free Today!

Well, I've been a follower of Tony for over a year now, and he's releases his e-book "A Better Atonement" for free off Amazon today. June 8th. Go. Go get it. Free book. Shoo.

For today only, I’m running a Just Because Sale on my book, A Better Atonement: Beyond the Depraved Doctrine of Original Sin. In fact, it’s not just on sale — it’s free!

It’s only available for the Kindle — but even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can read Kindle books on just about any device. Go here to download the Kindle software for your device. Free Today!

And stay tuned, because I’m going to release a revised and updated version of A Better Atonement next Ash Wednesday. If there are oversights in this version, or topics you’d like me to cover in that version, please leave a comment here or contact me through my website. While there, you can check out my other books.
Oh, and this is post 300 for me. Thanks for your time and effort. ;)



  1. Nice summary of the different views on the atonement. I pretty much disagree with most of his conclusions, but it's a lot to think about.

    Primarily, I disagree with statement: "I do not think it is possible to 'begin with the Bible.' ... I am also reliant upon my own reason to interpret and apply scriptural truth."

    I understand why he would say that, and I agree that everyone brings their own biases to scripture. But I think that it is possible, with our reason, and with the guidance of God through the Holy Spirit to arrive at an understanding of what scripture actually truly says... in other words I believe that there is only one true interpretation of a particular scripture.

    Reading on from that point, I got the impression that the author didn't see it that way. He started from his own viewpoint of the world, of the problems of the world, and even of God, and then examined different theories about what the atonement means, and then chose the one that best fit with what he wanted to get out of it, and then essentially said, "That's what the scripture must be trying to get across."

    It's a very post modern approach.

    But I think that while it is difficult to "begin with the Bible." I think that it's possible. It's a struggle to remove your biases and to understand the proper context, but at it's core, it means something, it has something to say, and it must be the foundation of our understanding of reality, rather than our understanding of reality being the foundation of how we read the Bible.

  2. Hey David. I will respond tonight sometime. I actually haven't had much time to read through ABA, so I will get back to you on that.

    Thanks for the comment. ;)