Thursday, July 26, 2012

Richard Beck & "The Theology of Calvin and Hobbes"

I've only now become aware of Dr. Beck's blog, but this has immediate piqued my interest. If you are a fan of this classic comic (as I am), please read and ponder away. Be warned, you will probably disagree with him. ;)

Last school year I wrote a series of essays for an "online book" about The Theology of Peanuts. I had such fun with that project and so many of you enjoyed it that I thought I'd offer up this sequel, The Theology of Calvin and Hobbes.

I grew up with Peanuts so that was a natural place for me to begin, but during the writing of The Theology of Peanuts many of you (mostly former students of mine) expressed your fondness for Calvin and Hobbes. Demographically, this makes sense. Calvin and Hobbes appeared from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995. I was in college and graduate school during those years, a bit too busy to notice or keep up with the Calvin and Hobbes phenomenon. But for many of my former students Calvin and Hobbes was a large part of their childhood.

So I was late in coming to
Calvin and Hobbes, but after The Theology of Peanuts I was looking for something new to explore. Consequently, I promptly went out and purchased The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and sat down to read. The three volumes of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes weighs over 22 pounds, but it is a beautiful bit of publishing. I sat, read, laughed, and pondered through the spring and summer. I now count myself to be a fan of Bill Watterson's genius. My affection for Calvin and Hobbes now rivals my love for Peanuts.
For the table of contents that will offer awesome goodness, click HERE.


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