Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hopped and Bothered: Knee Deep Brewing Hoptologist

Knee Deep Brewing -- Hoptologist
Alcohol content 9%. Pours almost a deep copper. Scent is grapefruit, passion fruit and pine. The head is almost nonexistent and the lacing is beautiful. The first sip is hop heaven. I squeezed a little lime into the beer and drank, and the malt instantly came out. Caramel. Biscuit. All of the goodness. Then the lime gave way to a hefty dose of bitterness that lingers like a drunk and funny relative.

The finish is like resin, coating the mouth and throat in bitter nectar. The alcohol is warming, but not unwelcome. Very sharp bitterness is offset by the sweet malts. However, the bitterness does stay a little too long for my taste, an the grapefruit becomes muted after a short time.

Buy if: you feel like branching out from Stone.

Overall: a strong and aggressive DIPA that hides the alcohol well, but becomes far more boozy as time goes by. Which can be a great thing.

3.75 out of 5.


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