Friday, September 14, 2012

Ten Questions with Micah Murray

Micah Murray, a good friend of mine, recently interviewed me and I decided to return the favor, as it seems a great way to generate some good fun between like-minded writers.And I didn't feel like copying someone's material this evening.

Micah is a good soul, and far wiser than beyond his years. We went through an odd phase where we dished out compliments on twitter before we decided that friendship was a viable option and the rest is history. I highly recommend his blog for those that like a challenge and those that are curious about the diversity within our theological demographic.

And he looks like Bradley Cooper. Seriously. Check it out. The guy has a career in modeling sun screen.

1. Give me the prologue to your life, who were you before we met?

I've taken a circuitous route to get here. It involved growing up in Amish country, attending a KJV-only church, some basketball and volleyball, many years with a very conservative homeschool organization, six months in Africa, a film degree from a Bible college, and falling in love with a redhead. Also, a long slow trek from the bondage of legalism to the freedom of Jesus.

2. How happy are you?

Depends on how recently I've eaten. Also, if I'm around people. I love being around people I know, and that makes me happy. I get lonely very quickly. Also, I'm somewhat of a restless spirit, always wanting to be on the other side of the globe. So sometimes it's hard for me to maintain a good attitude. But usually if I get enough sleep I do okay.

3. Who is your favorite blogger (besides me)?

Christian Piatt, because he makes me think. That guy who writes Experimental Theology, Richard Beck. Tony Jones. My wife, but she only blogs like twice a year. And John Cheese from Cracked, but I can't recommend him because he really likes swear words.

4. Favorite bible verse and why?

That one about Him making everything beautiful in His time, because it got me through some really dark days. Also, all the things John said about how God and love and Jesus are all tangled up together.

5. Ideal evening?

Impromptu grilling of burgers with friends. Cracking some jokes. Talking some serious topics. Staying up way too late.

6. If you could be any super hero, who would you *not* be?

I don't like those super heroes who have super powers. That's lame. Anybody can be a super hero if they have super powers.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A movie director. If not that, a guy who gets payed to talk/write/film. Something that will let me take my kids around the world. Famous on the internet.

8. How has your theology changed or matured in the past year?

I almost gave up on god a few years ago, when I was in college. There were a few weeks where deism looked really attractive. I say "god" because the god I had heard about wasn't the God revealed through Jesus. So the past year has been all the crap getting stripped away that had grown up and choked my faith - the rules, the politics, the petty religious stuff. Instead, realizing that the whole Bible is summed up in two commandments: Love God, love your neighbor.

9. What is the fundamental question that you seek an answer to?

"What's for lunch?"

10. Burgers or ribs?

Without a doubt, burgers. I'm pretty good with words and writing, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy burgers. I spent a few years as a waiter at Red Robin, and could down two delicious burgers a day. Not a day goes by that I don't miss that. Also, I love McDonalds. By my own best estimate, I've probably downed over 1000 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds in the past five years. The only good thing about ribs is sometimes God turns them into women.

And with that, enjoy the ensuing conversation with Micah below. Tell him I sent you. He'll blush.

Micah on twitter.
Micah on facebook.
Micah elsewhere.


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