Friday, October 12, 2012

Hopped and Bothered; Port Brewing High Tide Fresh Hop IPA

Port Brewing -- High tide Fresh Hop IPA
Alcohol content 6.5%. The pour is instantly converted to foam, providing a large head. The scent is a slap to the amygdala. The bottled date is about a week ago. October 1 to be precise. The hops are so fresh, I think they are still alive. The first sip is lacking malt, but is so intense I thought I had started on Stone's IPA.

The flavor is instantly bitter, with a mild sweetness that backs up the acerbic hops. Quite intense, and it grows far more rough as it warms to room temp. The flavors keep growing, and that freshness is strong. The finish is dry, packed with mango and pineapple. The grassy undertone is odd, almost distracting.

Buy if: you want an incredibly fresh but bitter IPA.

Overall: I enjoyed the freshness, but the finish is underwhelming and almost distracting. It is like the Star Trek remake: great for the first half, lousy in the second.

3 out of 5.


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