Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden: (Don't) Believe the Hype

I'll confess I'm quite honestly out of the loop on this one. So, take this as a former hard core now casual political observer who is interested more in the absurdities of how the process of election.

Joe Biden:
Joe Biden is more or less the Dan Quayle of the Democratic Party. And that is why I love him. Things I predict will happen:
1. A crack or ten about Paul Ryan's age or good looks as contrasted with his own.

2. A racial reference about white people to compensate for previous tongue trippers. Game over if he confuses genders or political parties. 

3. Shuddering/spasms when cornered. Fatality if he says Paul Ryan "is well-spoken."
Paul Ryan:
I don't know much about Paul Ryan, except that he garners as much bipartisan respect as . . . well, Dan Quayle. I'm expecting three different things from Ryan in this debate:
1. References to God and/or his Christian faith. Respect points if he talks about Romney's faith. Or snickers about the President's lack thereof. A tip of the glass if he wears a Rosary.

2. An attempted joke about Jon Stewart in order to be relevant. Snark about media bias equals double points.

3.  Begins a statement by including "Let's talk straight" or "raw talk" or "straight shooter." This goes well with point #2. 
I will be live tweeting the entire debate. While drinking. Let's hope that this debate is anything but ordinary.



  1. Looks like you're 0 for 6. ;)

    #1 is the closest I guess, but Biden was just condescending instead of joking.

    1. Ah, but I am 2 for 2 in the beer department tonight.