Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hopped and Bothered; Ballast Point Victory At Sea

Ballast Point -- Victory At Sea Imperial Porter
Alcohol content 10%. The pour is thick and strong, filled with breaded malt and a boozy tang. The scent is strongly flavorful, filled with vanilla and coffee. A kiss of cherry. The first sip reveals oak and roast, as if one is sipping the beginnings of a liquified campfire. The campfire gives way to a dark chocolate milk-like consistency that is filled with vanilla bean silkiness and a bitter coffee finish. The booze adds a tad of dryness to the finish, but the chocolate sweetness counters the finish perfectly.

Buy if: NOW. Buy it now.

Overall: an imperial porter that is strongly flavorful and subtly coherent, this one will only get better with age. Strongly recommended. Maybe my favorite imperial porter I've ever had the chance to sample.

5 out of 5. Beer of the year? Maybe.


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