Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hopped and Bothered; The Bruery 5 Golden Rings

The Bruery -- 5 Golden Rings
Alcohol content 11.5%. It pours like a thick golden honey, barely giving any lacing around the glass Smells of ripe peaches, hearty pineapple and Belgium spices. The first sip is glorious, if a bit rich. The herbs and spices seem to explode from behind the rich pineapple flavor, giving this a slick taste that lingers. The alcohol content burns a bit on the back of your throat, but the citrus and tropical nature of the brew is perfectly countered by the nutmeg and spices. Quite rich and a bit decadent. Did not see this one coming at all.

Buy if: you want a unique, deceptively heavy brew.

Overall: this worked well with a turkey dinner and I'm glad I had a good friend to share it with. I doubt I could've finished the whole thing by myself, which says a lot, but it was rich, sweet, spicy and a little toasty.

Aged, this would be stupendous. An excellent Holiday brew.

4.5 out of 5.



  1. Sounds like something I'd really dig. My favorite desert is peach cobbler and the description reminds me of it.

    1. Its just so good. It worked well with the entire dinner. It could go really well with your second helping of peach cobbler.


    2. I seem to have implied that there's a desert location made entirely of peach cobbler. And now I'm sad that there isn't.

    3. I'm strangely okay with this.