Monday, November 19, 2012

Karl Barth, Romans and Wrestling with God

For, where the grace of God is, men participate in proclaiming the transformation of time and of things, the Resurrection--however reservedly and with whatever skepticism they proclaim it. Where the grace of God is, the existence of the world and the very existence of God become a question and a hope with which and for which men must wrestle.
Karl Barth, "Romans" pg31, vv.4-7.

In my own life, thinking about God brings forth a paradoxical result: fear and hope. I can already see Barth's emphasis on a dialectical approach to Scripture. Negation and contradiction, or in something more akin to Kierkegaard, "paradox." Fear and hope. The fear that I will be forever separated from him. Fear of the idea that He may not exist.

Fear of God in that He exists and that He is anything less than anything that can be improved upon.

Hope that is He is better than anything I can possibly ever imagine.


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