Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Stupid Writers' Challenge Manifesto

Well, no one really challenged me to do something this dumb, but I figure I'd bite myself and see what happens. I'm always down for a chuckle.


To write 20,000 words of my novel in a single day.


I can write for as long as I like within the 24 hour period. I can take as many breaks as I like, and can drink what I want.

I must, however, keep myself accountable and post pictures verifying the word count within a few hours of each other.

I may not drink alcohol, as that would be a reward and maybe my only motivation. 

See the alcohol comment. :)


According to chapters written versus chapters to be written, I'm 16% complete with the first rough draft. However, this is according to chapters and doesn't take into account the scope of individual.  chapters, which can be considerably longer than most.

If I write for 8 hours total, this means I must write roughly 2,500 words an hour in order to hit 20K. This is pretty intense. I once wrote 60 pages of screenplay in a night, but that was on no sleep with enough red bull in my system to flatten WC Fields. We'll see how this goes.


Likely, I don't think I can do this. In maybe three hours I wrote 3,000 words. But it will hopefully jump start my mind into something better than where it is. And give me a chance to crank out a decent percentage of the novel.

This may happen this Sunday, the second of December. I shall keep you all interested.

Fingers crossed that this actually can be accomplished.


PS -- I may do a twitter hashtag to document my status there. Maybe like #writerchallengeaccepted or something like that.


  1. often when blogging, i find that writing 800 words may sometimes take 2 hours. depends of course on the type of content, and the research.

    if you're just writing according to the plan which you already have, then maybe 2500 words an hour isn't so bad. give it a go.

    at the end of the day, you'll know what the average is, even when you push yourself.

    1. Fingers crossed, bad things won't happen. :)