Friday, December 14, 2012

Film Award 2012: The Cheap Wine Hangover Award

 So glad you came back for thirds. The following film deserves the award, and it fits the criteria thusly:

The film was awesome at the time and falls apart the more I think about it. It tastes great, but gives a painful reward for enjoying it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

True, there were times in the theater where I felt my eyes knocking around the inside of my skull in annoyance, but the film by far was a cinematic treat. Until I stopped and thought about it.

The stupid cliche characters meandering around after getting separated, and then getting turned into worm poop? The odd love scene? The lame pseudo-theological crap spewed by the protagonist that sounds like something Ken Ham would say? The fact that the ship at the end didn't have any external weaponry? The hallmark "Fireproof-esque" 'heaven' dream?

The almost goofy zombie mid-section where the mad lover leaps around the ship like he's caught an intergalactic case of hungry crabs?

But, in fairness, the film is a lot deeper than I remember and the cinematography is jaw-slappingly beautiful. So, yes, I will be watching the sequel.


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