Friday, December 14, 2012

Origen on "The Last Enemy, that is Death"

It is on this account, moreover, that the last enemy, who is called death, is said to be destroyed: in order, namely, that there may be no longer any sadness when there is no death nor diversity when there is no enemy. For the destruction of the last enemy must be understood in this way, not that its substance which was made by God shall perish, but that the hostile purpose and will which proceeded not from God but from itself will come to an end. It will be destroyed, therefore, not in the sense of ceasing to exist, but of being no longer an enemy and no longer death. For to the Almighty nothing is impossible6, nor is anything beyond the reach of cure by its Maker; for it was on this account that he made all things, that they might exist, and those things which were made in order to exist cannot cease to exist.
Origen, On First Principles, being Koetschau's Text of the De Principiis Translated into English. Chapter 6, Pgs250-51

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