Friday, January 4, 2013

Karl Barth, the Church as the Reconciling Christ

"The question of truth, with which theology is concerned throughout, is the question as to the agreement of the Church's distinctive talk about God with the being of the church. The criterion of past, future and therefore present Christian utterance is thus the being of the Church, namely, Jesus Christ, God in His gracious revealing and reconciling address to man.

Does Christian utterance derive from Him?

Does it lead to Him?

Is it comfortable in Him?

None of these questions can be put apart, but each is to be put independently and with all possible force."
Karl Barth, "Church Dogmatics" I.1 pg4.


  1. Hey Nick,

    So how many hours do you think you will need to carefully read CHURCH DOGMATICS by Barth? :-)

  2. I'll let you know in a couple years. ;)