Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lagunitas IPA, Romans and Applying to Seminary

After talking it over extensively with my girlfriend, we agreed that I should apply to Fuller Theological Seminary's MAT in Theology and Biblical Studies. I have some training in this already, having my Minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University, so that helps quite a bit, especially since I've been reading and studying like crazy for the past year, accumulating a crap load of books. Everything from Christology to gender studies to eschatology. So I applied.

I also drank an above average IPA last night.

So it's been a fun week.

I think my end-goal in seminary is to become a professor. Most likely within the realm of Systematic Theology. A good friend of mine has declared that it is his goal to one day write his own Apocrypha. I want to do him one better and write an extensive Systematic Theology that has a major appendix on the Apocrypha, maybe written by a zombified version of John Goldingay. I've just begun to plunge into the Romans debate (doing my best to remain unbiased, which won't happen) and I've compiled an extensive reading list:

Commentaries by Karl Barth, Douglas Moo, Ben Witherington and Thomas Tobin. More popular level works by Andrew Perriman will cover the other base.

Thus far, I don't quite know what to do with Romans, in the sense of theology. The historical aspect is quite clear and the themes are strong, but the area of systematizing Paul's thought remains an incoherent mystery to me. Universalism in Romans 5, Particularism in Romans 9, and Egalitarianism in Romans 16. 

A guy can dream.

Anyway, the beer was decent. You should try it. Grapefruit. Pine. A little lacking in bite.



  1. i have no idea what the romans debate is...

    1. Free will versus predestination versus particularism versus universalism versus original sin versus the Adamic view versus "all of Israel will be saved."

      Romans is a pain in the ass. :)