Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Cold NIght of the Soul, or Personal Liberation

In many ways, this post is a long time coming. I've been reading and researching everything from Christology, the Gospel according to Mark and eschatology. Oh, and inerrancy. Some of this is tied together, but lately something else has been on my mind.

If you've known me for any length of time, I tend to view things with a bit of an open hand. Meaning, I attempt to put forth tentative hypotheses in order to see if my ideas stand. This seems to be pretty common and I do this with most topics. However, lately, things have begun to change.

I used to be comfortable, and I think this is a deadly mindset to be trapped in.

For instance, thinking recently about the idea of a non-inerrant Bible. For someone who has never known anything else, this is a scary thought.

The bottom drops out, your skin gets clammy and you want to run and hide. This has occurred multiple times, and it has never gotten any easier.

There is a genuine fear about being "found out" or even "lost." In my nearly four years of rediscovering the biblical text and subsequently myself, I've found that much of what I presumed cannot be supported.the list goes on, but in many ways I've found that certain ideas stand out to me more.

What I found was liberation. Both theologically and spiritually.

F.F. Bruce:
The women’s liberation movement has conditioned not only our practices but our very vocabulary. But, in such an important matter as we are now considering, it would be a pity if we were influenced by contemporary world-movements in thought and practice rather than by the guidance of the Spirit, as he speaks his liberating word to men and women today through the ministry of our Lord and his servant Paul. That ministry, that liberating word, is enshrined for us in the pages of scripture: to use scripture aright is to hear what the Spirit is saying through it to the churches of the twentieth century as well as what he said to those of the first.

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