Saturday, February 16, 2013

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rob Bell

I think the title may be my favorite part of this post.

Moving on.

I'm excited for this little book for three reasons. My first is that the hype will likely be less hyper and so maybe the book woill be more likely to be read without any sort of premature lens. Doubtful, but maybe. You have Peter Enns breaking down the video in his own way, with a brief critique of others here. For me, I think things are far less controversial this time, but with higher stakes.

My second reason is Rob is going deeper here than he did in Love Wins, in dealing with the doctrine of God. So higher stakes, but surprisingly, the controversy has been more along the lines of "don't worry about it, he's irrelevant." Which isn't necessarily a good or bad thing this time. I think many folks who were vocally upset with Bell this time are realizing that being vocal isn't a good thing.

Finally, I like the book cover. Love Wins didn't pop, but this one did.

As a brief appendix, I am inclined to think of the following: we ought to judge the trailer by it's own merits, and thus, Bell's book in the same way. If the trailer interests you, read the book in the same way you would see the movie. If the trailer doesn't interest you, read something else.



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