Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hopped and Bothered; Lips of Faith Cascara Quad

New Belgium Lips of Faith series -- Cascara Quad
10% alcohol content. The head is thick, hazy and fairly pungent. Figs, dates, some raisin scent. Very strong and a hint of booze. Flavor-wise, the beer is somewhat scattered. On one hand, it wants to be a Belgium, throwing in some spice to remind me of better beers, and on the other hand it's a bit of a tart by not giving me much to go on.

The cherries and coffee are present, but barely there. More dark fruit and booze. Booze. Lots of booze. Don't get it twisted, I love some booze in my beer but the flavors and backbone need to compensate. Here, no such thing. It ends on a slightly bitter (tobacco) note that really removes much of anything it had going for it.

Buy if: meh.

Overall: a compelling concept undermined by it's own ambition. Kind of like Stanley Kubrick movies.

2.5 out of 5.


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