Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sex as Redemptive: Sacraments, Trent Reznor and Getting Closer to God

As most guys are prone to do, I spent around 2 hours talking with a good friend of mine about the sacrament of sex within marriage and within society. The topic veered from what the expectation is with the man in the relationship and how that translates to authority to the current hot potato of same-sex marriage, and then to something interesting.

I paused and asked a simple question that we spent the final hour unpacking:

"Is sex redemptive?"

My initial question was predicated around the idea that society has constructed sexual ideals to fulfill a specific genders desire. Women are generally submissive in most ways except in the marriage bed, and men are generally told to conquer their women (in a Christ like way). This simply is what is.

But I think the spark revolved within the concept of a broken humanity, struggling for identity and unity in a grieved creation. We see this in Genesis, as humanity as male and female seems to constitute the image of God, as one yet distinct yet embodied in love. I do wonder what sex was like before things got really bad, and where it went wrong.

This is speculation, but something tells me that the reference to the man "ruling" his wife seems to be not only a result of the fall but also a potential division in sexual intimacy and unity. Which is far more terrifying than I'd care to picture.

And so the story brings itself to us.

Maybe its the fact that I may be getting married sometime soon, or maybe I'm more interested in consequences. However, I boiled it down to something the great theologian Trent Reznor screamed in a song:
You get me closer to God.
Something tells me Friar Reznor is far closer to the truth than maybe he would like to admit.

Maybe in this state sex is something that, if done within a specific context, can reveal something of what God first desired.

Maybe sex is something that reveals a glimpse of God and the character embodied therein.

Maybe -- just maybe -- sex, as a God-given trajectory, showcases the first hints of the Kingdom, and the return to what once was.

And so the story continues.



  1. I'm impressed! I never have conversations that deep with my friends. I will have to bring this topic up randomly next time I'm hanging out with them. Haha. But I think I agree with all three of your "Maybe" statements at the end. It's sad how much the world has cheapened sex and made it into Fast Food instead of a 5-star restaurant. If it's a window into God and the Kingdom, like you say, then we've made it into a broken mirror. Thanks for the post.