Saturday, May 18, 2013

John Wesley on Justifying Faith and Doctrinal Summaries (Part III)

Q. 7. What are the immediate fruits of justifying faith?
A. Peace, joy, love, power over all outward sin and power to keep down all inward sin. 

Q. 8. Does any one believe who has not the witness in himself or any longer than he sees, loves and obeys God?
A. We apprehend not: "seeing God" being the very essence of faith, love and obedience, the inseparable properties of it. 

Q. 9. What sins are consistent with justifying faith?
A. No wilful sin. If a believer wilfully sins, he hereby forfeits his pardon. Neither is it possible he should have justifying faith again without previously repenting. 

Q. 10. Must every believer come into a state of doubt or fear or darkness? Will he do so unless by ignorance or unfaithfulness? Does God otherwise withdraw himself?
A. It is certain a believer need never again come into condemnation. It seems he need not come into a state of doubt or fear or darkness, and that (ordinarily at least) he will not, unless by ignorance and unfaithfulness. Yet it is true that the first joy does seldom last long, that it is commonly followed by doubts and fears, and that God usually permits very great heaviness before any large manifestation of himself. 

This is adapted and copied from John Wesley: A Library of Protestant Thought (pg138).

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