Friday, November 15, 2013

Four Reasons Why I am Excited for "NOAH"

Do yourself a favor, and watch the international version of the trailer. Far more interesting, and they didn't 'censor' the blood in the first 10 seconds. 

1. Darren Aronofsky has done great things with a little money (Fountain; Black Swan; Pi). In regards to a purely visual experience, one can hardly do better than Aronofsky. In regards to the screenplay, John Logan (Gladiator) has long been one of my favorite writers.

2. Theologically, I'm intrigued by the mixed reception from various theologians and writers. Usually the criticism is a perceived diversion from the unique source material. Since I haven't seen the film, I cannot comment on this.
However, I will say that to expect historical accuracy from such a generalized tale as Noah and the flood is to expect far too much. Especially when Noah's personality isn't mentioned, what happens on board the ark isn't explained and the story caps off (and begins) a narrative that is unspeakably violent and full of corruption.

3. An issue I'm excited about is relevance; how does this story translate to our (post) modern setting? I know Aronofksy has made claims about it being about environmental disaster, and this makes complete sense. Given the oft apocalyptic imagery one finds through the First Testament and Apocrypha and the images of collapsing ice glaciers in our age, its a fitting parallel.

4. Ultimately, its the experience for me. To sit in a large theater and to be drowned in the sound and fury of a live action story that has both perplexed and haunted me since I was a little boy is precisely why I enjoy movies in the first place.

Will you see it? Why, why not?


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