Friday, May 9, 2014

Unknown Unknowns, Or Questions before Seminary

I've been thinking for a long time regarding evangelicals and seminary. For a longer time, I've been wondering about my Christian faith, especially in relation to historical criticism and theological disjunction. What about the exodus? 1-2 Timothy and Titus? Genocide? Homosexuality? The body/soul debate? So I thought about jotting down several of the questions I had before I actually started seminary at Fuller in the fall quarter of 2014. So these are subject to change as subjects and times change in relation to interests and class scheduling.

I should say that my questions have little to do with my choice of seminary. I've had these difficult questions for over four years since I've begun to reexamine the texts in question. I contemplated multiple seminaries and think Fuller is the best of all possible worlds. Not only driven towards intellectual honesty, but also the enrichment of the individual person.

Anyway. Onto the show. 

What is the relationship between Scripture and society? Specifically as regards the New Testament and the prohibitions regarding homosexuality? In discussion with several people, I've wondered about this topic for over a year. While it is certainly possible to determine the nature of the New testament, it is difficult for me to see how this applies to North American politics.

Non-violence and the Gospels?My position regarding the current debate is more or less the same as pickles. I avoid both as much as possible as I find them detrimental to my health. That said, non-violence is certainly an ideal, though it remains to be seen whether or not it is the teaching of the Gospels.

Do human beings have an immaterial soul? This may be obvious to many, but it isn't obvious to me. In reading about the subject, I see very little reason to adopt dualism. That said, I am constantly flicking myself and rereading the evidence of the Scriptures in order to gain further understanding.

Is the soul immortal? This one is easy: no.

Are the Scriptures inerrant? While Fuller has a high view of Scripture, I hope to be challenge in regards to this particular (and I do mean particular as it relates to my subculture) issue.

Universalism, true or false? It is something that I once believed. It would be nice if it turned out to be true. At the moment, I do doubt it. But, seminary is a place to wrestle. Prayers as regards that topic.

The relationship between the First Testament and the New Testament? Richard Hays has paved the way for this, but I want to learn more. How did Paul, John and Jude understand the story/ies of Israel?

The perplexing question of authorship? Especially as it regards 1-2 Timothy & Titus, Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 2nd and 3rd Isaiah, Daniel, etc. Do these texts, if not written by the proclaimed author, retain authority for Christian life and practice? OI say yes, but with an ellipsis at the end of my sentence ...

Is there a center to Paul's theology?

What is the Law?

What is the nature of the body, and how do quantum mechanics work in relation to resurrection?

What about that pesky question of election? Especially within American politics? Mostly a joke.



  1. If your seminary can iron out all those issues... Sign me up :)

  2. Hi, Nick. This is Cory at Fuller (I manage The Quad, and found a link to your blog there.)

    I can confirm that, at minimum, you'll find plenty of voices to help you consider all these ideas. Welcome aboard.

    1. Hey Cory! Glad to meet you. Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully we can break bread sometime. :)


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